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General Video Index: Each video clip is 1 minute in length and will take about 1-2 minutes to load. These videos require an active media player. If you have any trouble, see the system requirements page for help.
Essays and Papers:
1. General Introduction
2. The Introduction of your Paper
3. The need for a Thesis Statement
4. Thesis Statements Continued
5. Essay Structure 1
6. Essay Structure 2
7. Essay Structure 3
8. Paper Body 1
9. Paper Body 2
10. Paper Body 3
11. Essay Conclusion
12. Essay Revisions
Bluebook Exams:
1. Bluebook Exams: Preparation
2. Bluebook Exams
3. Bluebook Exams: Intros and Thesis
4. Bluebook Exams: Intros and Structure
5. Bluebook Exams: Academic and Mental Preparation