U.S. History to 1870
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American Memory@  - primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history.
History Net, The  - where history lives on the web, brought to you by the National Historical Society.
Actors of the Early American Theater
Along the Chisholm Trail - exploration of the historic cattle trail's past, present and future.
American Presidential Election, The - from Encyclopædia Britannica.
American South Internet Resource Center
American Treasures - online exhibition of the rarest, most interesting or significant items relating to America's past, drawn from every corner of the world's largest library.
American War Library, The (5)
An Abridged History of The United States
Boundaries of the Contiguous United States
Collaborative Study in American History
Early American History Crossword Puzzle - designed to instruct as well as to entertain, this crossword puzzle is available at no charge to teachers of early American history and their students.
Federalist.com Spirit of America Discussion Ports - links to discussion forums dedicated to U.S. History, articles and more.
From Revolution to Reconstruction - collaborative hypertext on American History, from the colonial period until modern times.
Great Seal of the United States of America - Full-color illustration of both sides of the Great Seal with mottos translated, plus history and relevance of this symbol.
Hispanic America - overview of the role of Hispanic Americans in the history of the United States.
Historical Maps of the United States - American history as shown by maps from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
History Buff - devoted to newspaper printing and publishing history and American history in general. Includes pre-18th century, American Civil War, baseball, engravings, journalism hoaxes, Old West, presidents and more.
History Happens - Stories from American History on music video, an educational resource for teachers and parents, designed for todays kids. Check out the RealAudio songs online!
History of Death in America - An NEH Institute - Center for the Study of Society and Medicine of Columbia University will offer an Institute in June 1998 to explore the History of Death in America.
History of the First Locomotives in America - from original documents and the testimony of the living witnesses. Written by William H. Brown.
History of US Paper Money - from 1690 Colonial Notes to 1990 security thread and microprinting innovations.
Immigrations in the Americas and the 13 Colonies. - including animations, sounds, pictures and other stuff.
Material History of American Religion Project - focusing on material culture and the economics of religion.
Michael A. Hoffman II's Campaign for Radical Truth in History - Masonic Assassination, occult ritual murder, Unabom and Kaczynski, Early America, World War II revisionism, white slavery, Holocaust Newspeak, Christianity and Judaism, and media criticism.
National History Day - academic program for students, grades 6 through 12.
National Women's History Project - committed to providing education, promotional materials, and informational services to recognize and celebrate women's diverse lives and historic contributions.
Pacific Railroads and Our National Parks - park development was shaped by the needs of the railroads.
Portraiture in the United States Capitol - graphics files of all the portraits hanging in the Capitol.
Purple Mountain Majesty: Nature in the United States Capitol
Statue of Liberty@ 
This Week in US History
Through Our Parent's Eyes: Tucson's Diverse Community - these exhibits trace the history of Hispanic Americans in Tucson, explaining the strong ties the city has with the Spanish and Mexican cultures.
Turn of the Century in U.S. History - from Reconstruction to World War I.
U.S. History Chronology - chronology of the United States.
U.S. Merchant Marine - from Revolutionary War, World War II, and Vietnam.
United States History Online Project
US History Out Loud
US State Department: Office of the Historian - publishes the official documentary history of U.S. foreign policy and provides historical research and advice for the Department of State.
USA History - United States presidents, history, essays, trivia, and games.
ushistory.org - focuses on the Revolutionary and Colonial periods of U.S. history in the Philadelphia area. Includes Betsy Ross, the Liberty Bell, Valley Forge and a VRML Independence Hall.
West, The - PBS Series@
WestWeb - Western American history resource. Includes Canadian and Mexican resources.