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 Pick of the Litter (Top Essays)   Exam#2 Study
 Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa  World Trade Organization
Machine-Tool Industry  Writing Guide for Social Science Essays
 The Evolution and Significance of Authoritarian Governments in Non-Western Countries
 Japanese Super Computer Dumping(article)
 US Meddling in the Elections of Other Countries(article)
 Breaching the Great Wall of China, Chalmers Johnson
 For a Unified History of the World in the Twentieth Century

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National Heritage Board Singapore
 Taiwan on a Tightrope
  Think Tank and Focus Institutions 
 Intellectual Capital/ Policy Think Tank
 Japan Policy Research Institute
 Rand Corporation
 Asian Pacific Economic Council APEC
 Central Intelligence Agency
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 Library of Congress
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 Soviet Archives Exhibit 
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 UCSD Chinese Studies Center
 Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
 Modern Egyptian History
 Modern Cambodian History
 Irish History
 National Archives of Ireland
 African History
 English History
 Latin American History
 National Archives of Canada - Archives nationales du Canada
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 Edmund Burke Archive
 Thomas Paine Archive
he father of modern Liberal political thought 
 Modern Political Theorists from Edmund Burke to Karl Marx