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Section 1......14 January Begin reading "The Rise of the Network Society....Homework Assignment 1 Due 20 January
Overview and Introduction to the Internet or WWW
The Net and the Self
Section 2
The Culture of Real Virtuality
Section 3 ......21 January.....Homework Assignment 2 Due 27 January
The Culture of Real Virtuality Part II
Section 4
History of Fractal Geometry
Section 5 ......28 January....Homework Assignment 3 Due 3 February
Cliff Edwards: Bionics
Section 6
Space of Flows
Section 7 ......4 February....Homework Assignment 4 Due 10 February
Space of Flows Part II
Section 8
Networks, Media and Reflexivity in the 21st Century
Section 9 ......11 February....Homework Assignment 5 Due 17 February
Reflexivity and the Self in the 21st Century
Section 10
Multi-National Corporation and National Economies Compared
Section 11 ......18 February....Homework Assignment 6 Due 24 February
Section 12
Post-Industrial Towns, Spaces and Symbols
Section 13 ......25 February Begin reading chapters 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 of "The Age of Transition"
The Transformation of Clock Time to Instantaneous Time
Section 14
Post Modern Theory and Summary
Section 15 ......4 March
What is Globalism?
The Borderless World of the 21st Century
The Borderless World of the 21st Century:Part II
Section 16
Democracy and Politics in the 21st Century
From Industrial Society to Risk Society
Global Business and Jobs in the 21st Century (25pgs)
Section 17 ......11 March
The Age of Transition 1945-2025