Your Computer and the Information Age Website:

The creators of this site have attempted to make the system requirements as little as possible. The pages work on all the systems we've tested. We do, however; recommend the following components be installed:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or better -or- Netscape Communicator 4.xx (We don't recommend 6 yet)
AOL Version 5 (For the record, we do not recommend AOL or any other ISP.)
Macromedia Flash 4
Microsoft Media Player 7, Quicktime 4 or another MPEG video player.
A Good Quality Sound Card
A Pentium Class Processor (Best above 200mhz)
For the best experience a fast internet connection (LAN, DSL, 56K)

Known Errata:
systems have difficulty terminating the embedded audio tracks. Please call Apple and don't let them tell you it's your browser, because it only and always occurs on the Mac with any browser.
Macintosh implementation of Java will also cause the scrolling windows to scroll sideways instead of up and down also an Apple Exclusive feature. Don't feel bad tho, Apple only charged you 175% of the cost of the same equiptment with an Intel based motherboard. Maybe you can try Linuxppc to rid yourself of the MAC OS tradjedy.

Linux, As of the time of this document Linux Flash Player does not play the introduction audio. Netscape for Linux does not play embedded audio on a standard install, however does play MPEGs and MP3s with the right plugins. We recommend compiling your audio drivers into the kernal, and not as a loadable module, which corrected the embedded audio problem in RedHat 6.2 (We don't know why, it just did.)

Systems Tested:
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft NT
Microsoft Windows 2000
Macintosh System 7.6.x (good with Netscape Communicator 4 tolerable with 3)
Macintosh System 8.x
Macintosh System 9
Linux 2.2.x or better
Sun Solaris 7 (Sorry, we couldn't get Flash to compile right. Let us know if you did.)

Browsers Tested:
IE5 (Intel, PPC)
IE5.5 (Intel)
Communicator 4.xx (too many to mention) (intel,solaris,mac,linux)
Hot Java (solaris)
Navigator 3.01 gold (macintosh 7.6.1)
KDE Filebrowser
Gnome File Manager
1X Browser (win 95)