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Native American History
Our area of focus will be the Indigene tribes and nations north of the Rio Grande river, but there will be some allusive comparisons to Azteca and Incan civilizations as well. Lecture content will emphasize the historical development of Native American society,politics, culture and religion.
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History of the United States to 1870
American Civilization through the Civil War era. Impact of European antecedents, the frontier, and the growth of democracy.
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History of the United States From 1870
American History Since the Civil War with emphasis on the political, social, and economic factors that shaped modernAmerica.
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The Information Age
This trans-disciplinary course analyzes the profound technological, social, polical and cultural revolution the world has undergone in the period from 1970 through the early 21st century. This history course will provide students with the tools necessary to understand thier place in the 21st century.
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World History Before 1500
This course will focus on the beginnings of civilization some five to seven thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, Africa, Asia and the Americas. We will then proceed to Classical Civilizations, the Axis Age and conclude the course with an understanding of the world in 1500. Lecture will stress social, cultural, political and economic history of the various world civilizations.
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World History Since 1500
This course stresses the interdependency of regional histories and socioeconomic development. Gain an understanding the history of the "Modern World System" as it developed from 1500 to 1993. Special attention is devoted to the social/historical changes and problems of economic development on a global scale.
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